Minimize Distractions in your Web Meetings


Here are ways you can minimize distractions in your web meeting. 


First, ask all attendees to go on mute until they want to speak, then have the Master of Ceremonies call on them… just as if your meeting was face-to-face.


When some of your meeting attendees are participating from a conference room, be sure that there is only one meeting going on… don’t let side conversations get in the way and stop those in their tracks. 


Make sure everyone pays attention – In a web meeting, make sure that you and your team focus 100% of your attention on THIS meeting. The Master of Ceremonies should take control here. Don’t let their attention drift to email. It’s embarrassing when a member of your team is called on or a question is asked and everyone notices that your team member was not paying attention.


  • For the display device that will be shared on a screen in a web meeting – TURN OFF notifications so your personal alerts do not show up on the display screen. This can be very distracting for the speaker… and can also be annoying for those viewing your screen.


  • Eliminate Background noise – For example, a dog barking when the doorbell rings… This might be funny the first time, but too much noise could detract from your message.  


  • Avoid too much movement on your web conference display screen. This can be very distracting and cause “screen vertigo” when your customer is trying to follow screens that are moving too quickly. Avoid flipping through screens incessantly… Your customer will appreciate your consideration. 


  • Don’t use “build” functions in your presentation slides. Building a slide incrementally while onsite is OK, because the slide advances immediately. For remote meetings, depending on the lag time in the network connection, it can be difficult for your slides to remain in sync with your voice. 


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