Add Structure to your Web Meeting


Many of the same techniques you use for face-to-face customer meetings also apply for remote meetings. 


Even though web meetings are often less formal than traditional face-to-face meetings, it is still important to instill some structure into your meeting. 


  • Assign a Master of Ceremonies for your web meeting. The Master of Ceremonies is responsible for leading the web meeting and keeping it on track.


  • Create an agenda document and open it separately from a presentation file. This way, you can easily refer to the agenda items as you progress through the meeting. 


  • Include an opening statement (in your agenda or on an initial slide) that states the purpose of this meeting, what you already understand from prior discussions, as well as what goals you hope to accomplish in the web meeting. 


  • Open a document on your display device and use the document as an area to record open items and unresolved questions. Use a section in your document to record your call to action and agreed upon next steps.


Break up web meetings into 45 minute sessions


Keep your web meeting moving at a fast pace. Since attention spans are shorter and attendees can easily be distracted, schedule your web meeting for a maximum of 45 minutes. Anything longer and your meeting will lose momentum, lose impact, and lose attendees. 


If needed, you can also break it up into multiple 45 minute sessions: morning and afternoon… or on different days. 


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