Conducting Web Meetings with Power


This next set of briefings begins our discussion on best practices for remote (or web) meetings.  


Engaging your customer 


Engaging your customer and keeping their interest can be more difficult during web meetings because you are competing for their attention. It is much easier for meeting participants to tune out. Meeting participants could be looking at their email, multi-tasking or just not paying attention. 


Don’t let them veg-out and become passive participants as if they were relaxing on a couch binge-watching movies.


To grab your audience’s attention, spell out your key points more distinctly. In our Great Communicator course, we teach sales professionals to “grab” their customer’s undivided attention using an analogy, telling a story, or using a prop. Take time to describe exactly what you will be communicating. Your customer cannot see you fully and cannot read your body language or gestures. Create a place for the customer to envision your attention grabber to emphasize your point.  


Another good way to keep your customer engaged is to make it a two-way dialogue… ask them questions… get their ideas and feedback during your meeting. For example, make a point and then ask, “How do you see this working in your environment? Or even a simple meeting check-in like “Is this applicable to you or are we off track?” Finally, once you have made your key points, ask “What do you think?”.


The Context Diagram

For situations where you are asked a question and don’t have prepared slides or graphics ready, your inclination might be to go searching for the right slide from other presentation files… which could be clumsy and show sensitive information.


Instead, anticipate this situation in advance. Create a high-level “context diagram” that you can refer to as a way of explaining capabilities or showing results. Not every minute detail… just to give your customer a visual that you can refer to when needed. 


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