Intelligent Virtual Sales Assistant 2


The prior briefing introduced the Intelligent Virtual Sales Assistant. This briefing continues that discussion. 


Here’s how the Intelligent Virtual Sales Assistant can augment inside sales operations.


Survey the Customer: Initial interactions can be handled by the Virtual Sales Assistant. This will involve a survey using a virtual conversation to establish customer need, determine how well customer requirements fit your solution offerings, and match the customer profile against other customers who have successfully utilized the solution. 


Solution Selector: the Virtual Sales Assistant can determine potential solution options that fit the customer’s stated requirements. These can be presented in a list or set of alternatives (such as good, better, best). 


Solution Configuration: the Virtual Sales Assistant can determine the configuration that will work best for the customer. This could involve specific characteristics of the solutions based on customer profile and considering what similar customers have experienced. 


Solution Pricing Quote: the Virtual Sales Assistant can calculate pricing for the selected solution and produce a quote. At this point, the Virtual Sales Assistant can communicate the benefits of your solution and provide details on how your solution stacks up favorably against those of your competitors. 


AI technology will enable Intelligent Virtual Sales Assistants to make more informed decisions. They will increasingly be able to 

  • score the potential opportunity
  • present preferred options and recommendations
  • communicate to the customer a compelling reason to purchase

These enhanced abilities will handle more of the tasks that are currently completed by human inside sales teams. Of course, there will still be a need for inside sales staff, but inside salespeople will be more highly trained and specialized in their ability to advance the customer through the sales cycle. 


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