Call Center Powered by a Virtual Agent 2


The prior briefing introduced Call Center Chat Powered by a Virtual Agent. This briefing continues that discussion. 


“Digital chats” or “chatbots” have emerged and promises to help resolve some of the troubling issues in call center operations. These can conduct virtual “conversations” through the exchange of a series of messages with the customer. 


Innovative customer service organizations are now implementing an Intelligent Virtual Agent that can learn from the experience gained in prior interactions with customers and accumulate more knowledge through every succeeding customer conversation. It will even be able to think and respond faster than a minimally trained human CSR! 


Here is how the virtual agent can augment call center operations:

Level 1—Basic Chat Conversations: For initial basic chat conversations, the virtual agent can gather information, answer simple to moderately complex questions, and determine when or if it is necessary to escalate the conversation to a human CSR. 

Level 2—Moderate Problem Solving: More in-depth chat conversations should be handled by a human CSR who will diagnose the issue, answer more complex questions, and satisfactorily resolve the issue. Or if it’s not possible to resolve, then AI can recommend escalating the issue. 

Level 3—Research and Diagnosis: The CSR might need to perform research to get to the root of the issue. AI technology could be used to augment the investigation, help diagnose the problem, then provide potential answers based on prior experiences in solving such problems.


The innovations that AI technology can deliver have the potential to result in higher call center productivity, as a greater percentage of issues can be resolved during the first interaction and more highly skilled CSRs are better utilized. 


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