Potent Analytical Tools for the Sales Manager 1


What if sales managers had powerful analytical tools at their fingertips to assist them in creating more accurate forecasts by getting better insights on active sales opportunities and their sales reps’ performance? What if managers could assist their sales team in identifying new prospective customers who are the best candidates for marketing campaigns?


Here are four examples of how sales managers can leverage powerful Data Analytics tools, visual dashboards, and reporting tools to deliver greater results. 

  1. Monitor deal progression and velocity as well as the primary factors that contribute to the sales team’s win rate. 
  2. Monitor sales rep performance, including how they are building solid customer relationships and executing the proper sales process steps.
  3. When a new solution is being introduced to the market, work with the sales team to identify the top prospective customers for upcoming marketing campaigns. 
  4. Dive deeply into specific deals to understand the actual status, what challenges are in the way, and how solid each opportunity is. Understand how each sales rep’s actions will result in advancing and winning the deal. 


Here’s how one sales manager benefits from analytical tools:


Susan, uses a Data Analytics dashboard that dials up a current snapshot of sales opportunities. With this dashboard, she can stay abreast of:

  • The overall health of the sales plan relative to achieving their forecast;
  • How well opportunities are advancing and where opportunities are stalled as weighed against standard sales process steps;
  • How sales reps are performing against their quota and advancing deals;
  • The accuracy of the forecast based on a sales rep’s prior projections; and
  • How well sales reps are identifying new opportunities that fit the profile of good prospects. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue the discussion on Empowering the Sales Manager with Potent Analytical Tools in the next briefing.