Integrating your data into a powerful knowledge base


Integrating new data sources and enriching existing data that resides in sales systems can form the basis of a comprehensive knowledge base. Preparing and integrating this data for later analysis is a critical step. The success of these projects is often highly dependent on the availability of, access to, and the cleanliness of relevant data. 


Data analyst personnel can collaborate with sales analyst personnel to comb through external data using data analysis tools to deeply examine the data, searching for hidden patterns and trends. They can mine “golden nuggets” in the data to better understand their customer’s needs, characteristics of sales teams, and key solution attributes. These “golden nuggets” can be incorporated into intelligent data sets and used to deliver insights that were not previously available. 


Here are three tips for sales organizations wanting to harness this explosion of data: 

1) Data no longer needs to be aggregated into a single data store for processing. With the advancements in data access technology, information can reside in multiple places, can be stored in multiple formats, and can come from multiple sources. This greatly speeds the downstream benefits you will achieve when performing analysis.


2) Never wait until the data is perfect; if you do, nothing will ever get done. You can gain immediate benefit even from imperfect or incomplete new data. Focus on what you do have, not what is missing. 


3) This should be an iterative process. Break the data integration process up into logical steps. Never try to “boil the ocean.”


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