Enriching Customer and Sales Data


Data Analytics is an important component of AI and can help your sales organization enrich your existing customer and sales data so you can derive more intelligence from that data. 


First, How you can enrich Customer Data


Buying Segment – Classification of customers who exhibit similar buying characteristics in terms of their buying habits, management vision, level of risk acceptance, or demographics. 


Propensity – How likely the customer is to:

– Buy your solution 

– Respond to a targeted marketing campaign

– Become or remain a loyal customer, and

– Accept a recommendation for next steps.


Customer Alignment – How well the customer is aligned with your organization: 

– How the customer aligns with your company mission and values; 

– How strongly the customer needs your solution, and

– How closely the customer buying process can be integrated with your organization’s selling process. 


Second, how you can enrich Sales Data


Sales Rep Performance – Tracking their performance in terms of their ability to: 

  • Create and qualify new sales opportunities
  • Effectively advance customers through the sales process and effectively win business
  • Accurately forecast deals and
  • Efficiently utilize sales team resources.


Sales Rep Profiles – Understanding their current skillset and where they need further development:

  • Establish mutually beneficial relationships with customers 
  • Follow established sales processes
  • Distinguish types of customers/deals where they succeed or have challenges and
  • Provide visibility to management on deal status and roadblocks. 


Opportunity Profiles – Understanding the distribution and characteristics of sales opportunities:

– Types of opportunities that most likely advance to winning deals 

– Sales process steps that are key to winning deals, and 

– The most common factors that lead to roadblocks, stalled deals, and lost deals. 


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