Cultivating The Elite


In a prior briefing, we laid out some disturbing stats about the sales force: 


  • The average turnover for salespeople is nearly 35% per year. 
  • The average tenure of a salesperson at a company is only one and a half years. 
  • The percentage of sales reps achieving quota is just 54%
  • The average tenure for a vice-president of sales at a company is just nineteen months.


It’s difficult to create a great culture and foster loyalty with stats like these.  


It’s imperative that sales leadership fosters a team culture that nurtures the organization’s top performers, rewards them, and helps develop future elite performers. 


Your challenge as a sales professional is to develop your skills so you can be a part of the next generation of elite sales performers. 


The commitment and drive exhibited by top athletes is the perfect example of what elite performers provide their sales teams in the world of selling. Unlike sales slugs and below-average performers, they never settle for being average. Elite performers and solid producers do not even want to be around “average.” They know that as a salesperson you are either pushing yourself to get better or you are regressing and getting worse.


The pride, accomplishment, success, and rewards of becoming an elite sales performer are what makes taking on all the challenges of a sales career worth all the risks. Never settle for average; go for the best that you can possibly be and see what exciting places that can take you.


I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at