The Sales Slug 


In the last flash briefing, we covered the traits of the Below-Average Producer. Now, let’s examine the next level down: The dreaded Sales Slug. 


Sales Slugs are salespeople who are either not cut out for a sales career or do not possess the attributes, the energy, or the desire needed to build and maintain mutually beneficial customer relationships. They may have achieved some level of success in the past but due to changes (in their responsibility, their accounts, or their role), their productivity has plummeted. They might be a poor fit for the organization or have personal issues that are limiting their performance level and opportunity for growth.


Sales Slugs might resist following standard sales policies and procedures and are disengaged with their organization. This could have an extremely negative impact on other team members, because one bad employee can drag others down to their level. This creates a multiplier effect and can be very damaging to the sales organization. 


The disengaged salesperson is either waiting around to get terminated or actively planning their exit by seeking other career opportunities. In either case, they take up a position on the sales team but provide little or no productivity. 


Too often, their mantra is “win at all costs.” Instead of building great customer relationships, they leave a trail of scorched earth behind them.


Their resume is always up to date, since their sales career is marked by short tenures with any company… then they either move on or are pushed out the door. 


Sales slugs can represent up to 10% of a sales organization. 


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