The Below-Average Performer 


In the last flash briefing, we covered the traits of the Solid Producer. Now, let’s examine the next level down: The Below-Average Performer. 


Urban Meyer, champion football coach, at The Ohio State University and the University of Florida said this: 


“It’s so easy to be average. It takes something special to be great. I don’t want to be around ‘average.’ Did you push yourself to be great today?”


Below-average performers fall into two categories: 


First – Salespeople with good potential who are on the rise. They might be newer hires or in a new sales role. They are learning the required solutions, processes, and strategies but have not yet mastered their craft. They follow the rules and are learning to build customer relationships.


Second – Salespeople who have peaked or never reached acceptable performance. They might have reached their maximum level of competence and are marking time in place. They are not really getting better. They are complacent with their status and not driven to be great. They execute the required, routine tasks appropriately (sending product information, preparing quotes, and taking orders), but have trouble building strong customer relationships and thinking outside the box when deals get sidetracked. 


Below-average performers can handle the mechanical, transactional tasks, but are unable or unwilling to step out of their comfort zone and do what it takes to excel and achieve status as a solid producer or an elite performer. 


Below-average performers can represent 30-40% of a sales organization. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and in the next briefing, we will continue to examine the levels of sellers in the sales organization.