The Solid Producer 


In the last flash briefing, we covered the traits of the Elite Performer. Now, let’s examine the next level down: The Solid Producer. 


Pat Summit, champion women’s basketball coach, University of Tennessee, said this:


“Here’s how I’m going to beat you. I’m going to outwork you. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.”


Solid producers represent the nucleus of a sales organization. They work hard and deliver value to the organization by producing good revenue numbers. They have developed a good set of sales skills. They achieved this level of production though good work ethic and attention to detail, resulting in solid execution. They gain sales savvy and improve their intuition through their experiences. 


Solid producers regularly achieve their quota or finish close to it. They substitute any shortfall of skill with strong work habits. They follow the rules and sales processes and build good customer relationships. They are slightly below the elite level—some could rise to become elite, while some have reached their peak performance level and will remain solid producers. 


Solid producers include up-and-coming sales professionals who have the potential to ascend to elite performer status but are not quite there yet. They need to develop additional skills, more sales savvy, and greater intuition. They might overwork certain sales opportunities and not recognize when to leave an opportunity early. Spending excessive time and resources with a failing opportunity separates them from achieving the status of an elite performer. 


Occasionally a solid producer will run into challenges that result in a poor year. They could recover the next year, or they could slip to a lower level and be cast as a below-average performer. 


Solid producers usually make up 40-50% of a sales organization. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and in the next briefing, we will continue to examine the levels of sellers in the sales organization.