The Elite Performer 


This series of flash briefings will examine the composition of today’s typical sales teams and compare those teams to what will be required of next-generation teams in the near future.


Elite Performers

Elite performers have developed the skillset and the mindset to be effective in their craft. They are members of an inner circle, the top tier of sales professionals; they are regular members of the organization’s “President’s Club” that rewards and recognizes their contribution. They got where they are from hard of behavioral, communications, and selling work and an unwavering commitment to success. They have the right mix skills to make sales happen. 


Elite performers have great intuition and business savvy. On the surface, those traits appear to come naturally, but development of those traits usually depends on learning from prior experiences (both positive and negative). 

They prove their value year after year and almost always exceed their quota. They might experience an occasional miss… nearly everyone does. But they become obsessed with examining the root causes of the issues, then refocus and reinvent their approach to get back on track. 


Entrusted with handling the biggest accounts with the largest potential opportunities, elite performers help drive the financial results of the sales organization and enhance company profit. As high achievers who significantly exceed quota, they make up for those in the sales organization who do not produce substantially relative to goals. 


Elite performers are in high demand in the sales industry. They are targeted by recruiting firms, and competing sales organizations would love to hire (or steal) elite performers from other companies. Therefore, sales management must retain their best so that revenue and possibly customers do not leave with them. 


Elite performers typically make up between 10% and 20% of the sales organization. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and in the next briefing, we will continue to examine the levels of sellers in the sales organization.