The Dangers of a Sales Career


In the prior briefings, we discussed some of the benefits of a sales career. But a career in sales is not always that wonderful. Here’s an example. 


Jeffrey joined a large solution provider as a territory sales professional. He performed well in prior roles and was confident he was ready for this next step. Jeffrey was assigned a territory that was barren of real prospects. He did find one account that he could build into a strategic opportunity. Jeffrey spent the entire year building relationships, establishing executive sponsors, and developing a strong value proposition. Before the year’s end, Jeffrey won an eight-figure deal that placed him at 400% of quota. 


He was awarded the top producer in his region. Through the year, Jeffrey also identified additional revenue areas in the account that were nearly as large as his initial win. 


In the next sales year, Lucille, a new sales director, assumed responsibility for the region. She hired several “buddies” who had worked for her in the past. Lucille then reassigned (really stole) Jeffrey’s mega-revenue-generating account to a new salesperson. This devious director needed to show that she could build a strong team, and that her new sales hires could show progress in winning deals quickly. 


Jeffrey’s pipeline was left barren. Without the follow-on sales revenue he was anticipating from his large account, his forecast showed a big fat zero for two consecutive quarters. Jeffrey was then fired for under-achieving performance. 


Just as a career in sales can be wonderful, it can also become a complete disaster. Events that are often out of your control can occur along the way. Like Jeffrey, you could be riding high one year only to be cast into the danger zone the next.


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