Run Your Sales Cycle Like a Project 7


Handling objections to the Action Roadmap


If your customer pushes back or resists this planning approach: 

– Indicate to your sponsor that your selling team is ready, willing, and able to invest resources on this initiative. 

– Emphasize that in order to proceed, you need a general agreement on the approach and timeline.

– Explain that other customers appreciate this structured approach and it has worked very well for them. 

– Reinforce that you can jointly agree to stop the evaluation at any time if your solution will not achieve the expected benefits or if the customer priorities change. 

– Stress that to authorize allocating your selling team’s time and to avoid wasting your customer’s time, it is important to get a mutual understanding of what is laid out in the Roadmap. 


Working through the Action Roadmap with your customer is a great way to qualify your opportunity: 


– You and your customer can adjust the plan or halt all activities when investing more effort will not lead to a desired outcome for either party. 


– If the customer still refuses to accept your use of the Action Roadmap or disagrees on the main elements, you need to seriously question whether it makes sense for you to continue your sales cycle. Perhaps you can jointly agree to scale down the events. If not, this raises a red flag and could jeopardize your ability to build a win-win relationship.


You might conclude that you won’t be able to forge a mutually beneficial relationship with your customer. Or you might determine that you will be unable to win. At that point, the best decision might be to just end the activities and walk away from the opportunity. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we will cover more about the Action Roadmap in the next briefings.