Success Junkies 


A customer of mine enjoyed several consecutive years of growth and success. Their organization grew from a small, family-run  company into a major player in their markets. They enjoyed good years and even better profits while navigating economic challenges and winning against tough, global competition. Then, they were acquired by a Fortune 500 company for a multiple that was many times their annual revenue. 


When I asked an executive at the company what were the keys that led to their consistent triumphs, he replied, “It’s simple: “We’re a bunch of Success Junkies.” 


I thought, WOW, what an amazing perspective. Success Junkies! Being addicted to success can drive exceptional performance; it can serve as a strong motivator to exceed the most aggressive goals; and it can facilitate teamwork that drives results that are only possible when everyone is working from the same playbook. 


Think about how sales professionals who are Success Junkies will approach their job:

– they seize each day from the time they awaken until they hit the pillow at night

– they pursue every sales opportunity as if it’s a must win… because it just might be

– they ruthlessly qualify opportunities so they don’t waste time on those not interested in solving major business issues

– they have a passion for serving their customers; they are agile and implement innovative approaches in their business to meet their commitments 

– their positive attitude is infectious to other team members… and even to their customers who want to be around partners who pursue greatness  

– they tirelessly devise ways to overcome challenges, no matter how difficult they may be.



Embracing the mindset of becoming a Success Junkie can help you gain an additional perspective in your quest to become an elite sales performer.  


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