The Emergence of Advanced Technologies 5


The fifth advanced technology is a Cloud Computing Environment, which provides for storing and accessing data and application programs over the internet. Instead of requiring that all data and all applications reside on dedicated company servers or your local computer’s hard drive, they are “in the cloud” and accessible from any device, anywhere in the world. 


Here are the major areas where AI can leverage the functions of a Cloud Computing Environment for greater results: 

1) All users access the same rules, models, and customer data rather than dealing with a proliferation of local data that could result in inaccurate or inconsistent results. 

2) Sales teams can quickly analyze customer behaviors to gain insight on their needs, their propensity to buy, and solutions that might be the best fit. 

3) Sales applications in the cloud can help your B2B customers: 

Enable self-service—once the initial cloud contractual agreement is in place between your company and your customer, it is much easier for that customer to perform self-service functions.

Simplify their ordering process—the customer will have complete visibility about your solution pricing and could place orders directly for upgrades, new products, and even services. 

Improve access to customer support—your customer will also have better access to your customer support knowledge base for self-service customer care. 

Enjoy flexibility in pricing and terms—where appropriate for your products and services, a subscription-based pricing model can be put in place. This is usually more flexible for your customer, who can pay as they go by the month or quarter or choose to renew their subscription on an annual basis. 


The AI technologies discussed in these briefings raise the bar for what is possible to implement game-changing sales automation. 


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