Proving Your Solution


“Prove to me that your solution will work for my organization”


Customers will say this in most cases… and your sales team will need to perform some type of proof to validate that your solution will work and deliver value to your customer. The depth of the proof depends on the complexity of your solution and the culture that drives your customer’s business. 


Your customer will generally fall into three categories that will define the approach you take to advance your sales cycle: 


First Category: The Innovators

These are visionaries who strive to stay ahead of their competition. They are willing to take risks to become the first movers in an industry segment. 


A winning approach here is to demonstrate your industry-leading capabilities and articulate your unique functionality. 


Second Category: Value Seekers

These customers must be shown how a solution will generate a return on their investment before moving forward. Projects are authorized based on their ranking by net return to their business. 


A winning approach here: is to apply value-based selling methods to connect customer requirements to your unique value proposition. 


Third Category: Risk Avoiders

These customers tend to shy away from projects or initiatives that have even a remote level of risk. They may be “burn victims”—in other words, they may have been burned before from bad experiences with other salespeople or failed projects. 


A winning approach here is to focus on related customer success stories, the substantial business value they will achieve, and a demonstration of your solution in action. 


A customer could have multiple sets of buying categories within their organization. For example, the marketing department could be innovators, the finance department could be value seekers, and the operations department could be risk avoiders. Identifying these categories and aligning your approach appropriately will help you establish your best pursuit strategy so you can position your solution for success.


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