Trends in Sales Productivity 2


In the prior briefing, we revealed the disappointing stats on sales productivity… Now we’ll discuss why sales productivity is declining and what to do about it. 


1) New sales vice-presidents have little time to get established. They need to hire better sales talent, swiftly adjust sales processes, engage with customers, and identify the customers who have the greatest revenue-generating potential. If they can’t generate improved results rapidly, they often pursue other opportunities rather than stay around long enough to get fired. 


2) Sales reps who leave their jobs may do so because they don’t like their job or their management, aren’t making enough money… Or they are high performers who leave for better and greener career opportunities. 


3) The company culture might not acknowledge the contribution of salespeople, and this could create a revolving-door effect. 


4) Dissatisfied sales reps might have checked out and are not focused on their current job as they search for another one. The sales rep takes up a spot but doesn’t generate revenue. 


5) Hiring new sales reps and getting them up to speed is dead time. This produces a large revenue gap with no wins, no new opportunities, and no advancement of existing sales cycles. 


What you can do to increase your own sales productivity:


First, study the trends described in these briefings and evaluate how they will impact your current sales role. How secure will your role be in the next year or two? Understand where you need to take action to enhance your abilities or pursue a different role. 


Second, commit to improve your selling skills. Your ability to communicate effectively with customers will be even more important and will differentiate what you do from technology-based automation. 


Third, learn about the coming technology advances and determine how you can use these technologies to advance your sales career.


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