Trends – Salesperson Avoidance 


Many people who venture out to car dealerships shopping for cars do so then the dealership is closed. This allows would-be buyers to freely browse the parking lots, check on pricing and available inventory without being “bothered” by a pesky salesperson. 


The car lot isn’t the only place customers try to avoid salespeople. Since the days of door-to-door selling, people have been evading anyone they presume to be a “pesky” peddler. 


Today, that salesperson is more likely to call on the phone or send an email, and that “knock”—that unwelcome interruption—can just as likely be avoided by the prospective customer. 


According to Forrester Research, more than 90% of B2B buyers prefer to make purchases online rather than interact with an actual salesperson, even though key purchases often require involvement from sellers. 


Customers are now far more selective about engaging with salespeople. They may quickly close the door on a salesperson who appears only to be sniffing around for a deal. It takes a sales professional with the ability to engage in a mutually beneficial business relationship to secure a solid win in today’s technology-driven world. In order to ensure a winning outcome, skilled professionals today must do the following: 


  1. Understand the customer’s business and business challenges. 
  2. Serve as a catalyst that introduces innovative ideas for consideration.
  3. Articulate their solution’s unique business value and why the customer should listen.
  4. Show the way to success and lead customers down that path.
  5. Demonstrate how entering into a business relationship with them will lead customers to greater success. 


To remain relevant in the future, sales professionals must reinvent themselves to do much more than just transactional sales tasks; they need to transform their roles into those of a valued consultant


I’m DJ Sebastian. We’ll continue to discuss the changing trends in how customers buy and how you can transform your approach so you can prosper.