A Theme for your Pursuit

Our team was preparing for an important meeting with customer executives. Our sales lead asked our sponsor within the customer’s company for guidance so we could confirm what we needed to accomplish in the meeting and gain their commitment for the deal. 

Our customer sponsor told us this:

“It’s Simple.”

“Trust Your Game.

Bring Your Game.

And you will 

Win The Game.”

We believed we had a well-thought-out plan, but unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances occurred throughout our sales cycle and our engagement with this customer. There was some adversity along the way and even though we had a solid plan, we were still uneasy and it impacted our confidence. 

The important thing is not the circumstances that created the adversity—it’s how you respond to that adversity. Always consider that adversity is the preparation needed for greatness.

We won this deal and then adopted this theme as a motto for future opportunities… Each time we ran into adversity in a sales opportunity, we called up our customer’s sage advice: 

Trust your game, 

Bring your game,

And you will 

Win the game. 

Love this!

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