Speak the Language of your Customer 

How well do you speak the language of your Customer?

Gain a basic understanding of the major terms used in your customer’s industry and use those terms in your communications. It’s not necessary to understand all the details, but articulating your messages in the language of your customer will enable you to quickly be viewed by your customer as “one of us” who “understands our business.”

Use the words and phrases your customer uses. Examine how your customer describes their mission, their key initiatives, and their customer focus. Pick out the main phrases that define them and incorporate these phrases into your messaging for your customer communications.

How do you go about doing this?

1) Study the language of your customer: 

Go to their website to learn 

– how they position their company’s theme and mission

 “the worldwide leader in widget technology”

Scan through their Annual Report and Investor Presentations to learn 

– their “promise” to their customers and stakeholders

– their key initiatives where they plan to invest

– and stated areas where they need to improve.

2) Understand how their top competitors position their company and solutions. It might be similar, It might be different. And be sure to note this for future reference.  

3) Subscribe to industry journals and web content to study the key business challenges of your customer’s industry and gain a working knowledge of these items. 

Industry journals will also often analyze and rank companies in these industries in terms of revenue, profit, and growth potential. 

These information sources can help you quickly elevate your messaging so you can effectively speak the language of your customer. 

I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at thetechseller.com