How are you applying your creativity to advance your sales opportunities?

Creativity is essential to your selling efforts and is an important skill for you to develop. Not everyone is born to be a creative genius, but you can begin cultivating your creativity by applying innovative and unique selling techniques you learn from others.

Here are three ideas to build your creativity:

1) Think outside the box. Explore a situation from many different angles. Be unconventional. Understand the limitations and the constraints you cannot change and identify what is possible, achievable, and ethical.

2) Be open to an iterative creative process. Applying a creative approach means you will need to test, adjust, rework, and reset your approach over time—possibly many times—and with relevant experiences.

3) Experiment. Try new ideas and apply them in different ways in the areas of prospecting, communications, leading a meeting, or conducting a presentation.

When brainstorming about the areas where creativity can be a powerful tool for you to use, consider the following: 

– Use props to serve as a visual reminder and concrete example of a business issue that leads to your solution that resolves the issue.  

– Make sure that your examples are relatable and show that you listened when the customer relayed their business issues.


– Find examples for something that will be memorable, so that example can be used further down the road, and so that your customer can repeat your example with their internal team. 

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