Industry Expertise

Do you understand your customer’s industry so you can be credible throughout your interactions?

Learn all you can about the industry (or industries) where your customers participate. While this might seem overwhelming at first, breaking it down into steps will help you advance to a point that your customers realize you have a good understanding of their industry and their business challenges. 

Why is this important? Understanding even the basics of an industry will help you develop rapport and lead your customer to believe that “you are one of us”.

Here are five ways that can help you progress toward becoming the “industry expert” your customers can rely on:

1) Find three primary challenges for each industry and detail how these challenges impact their business.

2) Get introduced to people in your network or in your company who already have the industry expertise you are seeking. Spend time with them to gain the level of knowledge that you can quickly use in your customer conversations.

3) Align your solution with industry business issues. Are you an exact fit? Do you have significant gaps in solving these issues? Be honest in your assessment so you won’t be disappointed later.

4) You should understand three key business issues that your customers in their industries have. Start out by being able to state three sentences for you to articulate about the customer and their place within the industry. 

5) Develop a list of questions where you can probe into details about business issues with your customer and launch meaningful conversations.

Developing a rudimentary level of industry knowledge will create an environment where your customer will be comfortable spending time with you.

… And you can leverage your knowledge to advance your sales opportunities. 

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